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The creation of The Nurse Source is a product of extensive collaboration by a team of medical professionals. This team included nursing professionals, healthcare administrators and labor force specialists. Each member of this creative team provided their experience, expertise and, most importantly, their ideas on what kind of staffing company The Nurse Source should be.

Today, the result of this collaboration is best described by our mission statement:

Our mission is to treat every healthcare professional with dignity and respect, while providing an innovative and professional work environment by consistently matching their professional skills with the needs of our clients.

This statement was true when The Nurse Source was founded in 1989, and it stills stands true today!

I joined The Nurse Source back in 1990. As my lifestyle was changing, I have worked with them both on a full-time and part-time basis. No matter what my status was, their staffers always did their best to find the right assignments for me. As the agency grew larger, The Nurse Source always remained truly professional and yet very personable. Never have I felt like just an employee. The agency has a great reputation with their clients-hospitals, which translates into more choices for their nurses

- Chris Hill, CCRN


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